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rakugaki.jpg (7577 bytes)

Ah...welcome to the junk art section :).  Rakugaki, BTW, means "graffiti" in Japanese, but I didn't really want to call this section "Junk" or "Graffiti" (in English anyway), so I imitated the Japanese web-mangaka and called it Rakugaki :).  Anyway, the images are sorted from newest to oldest, from top to bottom, but you may wish to browse them from the bottom up this is your first time here.

junk06t.jpg (5002 bytes) JUNK06.JPG

A demon with a sword.  This isn't an original character design, unfortunately, but it's not exactly fan art either; I just drew him out of the blue and...well, it ended up looking like that guy from Kentaro Miura's Berserk :).  This one was done entirely with a black pen, which amazes even myself because I usually make a lot of mistakes ^_^.   Another example of being able to do good on scrap paper...

junk05t.jpg (4628 bytes) JUNK05.JPG

Some guy in armor holding a sword :).

junk04t.jpg (4200 bytes) JUNK04.JPG

That's the same guy from SCAN01.  Just more crap from my notes...

junk03t.jpg (5681 bytes) JUNK03.JPG

More crap from my notes :):).  Funny how the best stuff ends up on the worse type of paper you can find.  It's probably because you feel you don't have to be perfect with your drawing, and that's when your true potential can flow through your hand and onto the paper.  I've named her Avea-Kamina (yes, you Diku MUDders, that's avy kamina -- "Locate Object!" ^_^), and that's the head of her spear pointing towards her head.  I wanted the tip to look like the head of a cobra, but it didn't seem too practical to me...

tgoh001t.gif (2345 bytes) TGOH001.GIF

This old picture really demonstrates the miracle of a mouse :).  There was absolutely no way I could've done this on paper or even with a tablet back then.  Depicted here is something from Saint Seiya; it's the last suit of "holy cloth" Andromeda Shun gets to wear when she fights Hades at the end of the manga.  I, of course, copied this straight out of the manga :).

scan05t.jpg (8765 bytes) SCAN05.JPG

A full portrait of the guy in SCAN05.  I really want to name this character Dawnrazor, after a FotN song by the same name, but that didn't strike me as a very good idea, originality issues and all.

scan04t.jpg (7279 bytes) SCAN04.JPG

A coloured version of SCAN02, using Photoshop.

scan02t.jpg (3896 bytes) SCAN02.JPG

More character design.  Notice my appreciation for medieval subjects :).  It's actually a blend of European and Asian cultures (ie. the curved swords and the clothing).

scan01t.jpg (5404 bytes) SCAN01.JPG

Here's the first scan I ever made with my scanner.  It's just some character design I did in my uh...spare time during class :).  It's not exactly drawn in the anime-manga style, but that's just my style...

music1t.jpg (7419 bytes) MUSIC1.JPG

This was the header pic I used for my music section on my Black Squadron page.  Depicted here is a lop-sided struggle between a...umm, a being of sorts, and a priest.  Do not be mistaken; I am not a satanist or anti-theist or whatever.  In fact, I'm a Roman Catholic! :)  Think about it this way: good and evil are always at war with each other -- you win some, you lose some.  Though...the blue guy in this picture isn't necessarily evil, and of course, not all priests are good and pure, either.

All artwork and designs are copyright ?1994-1998 Acid Junkie unless otherwise noted.  Commercial distribution and/or modification of all artwork without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.  Lyrics and poetry from various sources.