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The Anime and Manga Fan-Art Headquarters

Here's where the artists are, H or no.  Lots of art and CG tutorials, tons of improvisational manga (updated frequently), a real-time Java chatroom, and a discussion forum.


Tinami - Navigator of Manga Artists

Tinami is, as its name implies, a database of links to an ever-growing population of manga/anime artists on the 'Net.  Unfortunately the entire site is in Japanese, so it might be difficult to navigate for us nihon-illiterates ^_^;.  But the database is massive, and virtually all the sites belonging to Japanese artists can be found here, so it's definitely worth exploring.  Hint:  click on the link just below the image that says "Close Up" on the bottom left corner, and you'll be able to perform a category search for the sites you want.


Aphasia - Weekly Online Manga

Aphasia is a weekly online manga collaboration of the fantasy genre, created and shared by Clay Boutilier and Carrie O'Kaye.  I believe Carrie's anime club is going to publish it soon, too.

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Studio Kyrn

Kyrn is, of course, _the_ first person to send me gift art for my new page :).  Aside from her obvious appreciation for the anime style, her tastes also include classical art (thus the creation of her shrine dedicated to pre-Raphaelite John William Waterhouse).  And hey!  She draws a lot of fantasy-style characters, especially elves which, sadly, are rarely drawn by fan artists these days.


No Banner Available Eisuverse - Eisu's Homepage

Here's the homepage of the Terrible Master himself, Eisu :).   When he's not drawing  his awesome manga-style art, he goes on a bloody killing spree.  With his massive meat cleaver, he could chop a person into several pieces before you could say the word "Manji".  His glowing eyes don't help his victims, either.  Look out, behind you!


Peace 'N' Luv - Khanh's Homepage

Ahh...what can I say about Khanh?  If you follow Playstation Monthly, you might've seen the guide for the game Thrill Kill.  Well, Khanh drew those pictures in the guide :).  He also does some amazing 3D stuff, and he's currently working on a PC game called Nox.  Most importantly, you have him to thank for my newly acquired CG skills :).


No Banner Available The Art of Locke

Locke is a manga artist breaking out onto the North American comics scene with his (I think) 2nd comic, Shadow Gear, published by Arctic Press and to be released in Februrary 1999.  A great 2D illustrator, he's also trying to get into 3D stuff (though he's always regurgitating blood because of it for some odd reason...heh heh heh).  Hopefully we'll see him doing some games one day!


No Banner Available Colin Wales' Comic Book Project

Colin (aka StopHim) is a FAHQ regular.  He's trying to start a comic book project (in a sort of anthology form), and needs volunteers.  If you think your artwork is in need of exposure on the comics scene, this would be a good place to start.

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All artwork and designs are copyright © 1994-1998 Acid Junkie unless otherwise noted.  Commercial distribution and/or modification of all artwork without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.  Lyrics and poetry from various sources.