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You may NOT proceed into this area if you do not meet the following requirements:

- You must be over the legal age at which you are lawfully permitted to have access to adult material in your area

- You must be cognizant of who Acid Junkie was prior to February 1st, 1998

- You must be comfortable with images that are sexually explicit in nature

When you have read and understood the requirements above and meet all three of them, enter here.  Otherwise, please return to the main gallery page by hitting the back button on your browser.  Thank you.

Please DO NOT BOOKMARK the pages beyond this page. Their URLs will be changed periodically.

注意:ここから先のページはURLが変わるので, ブックマーク以内で下さい.



Note:  the following pages are not hosted by Tripod, and are not connected to them in any way.  Also, there is no clause in Tripod's terms of service that prohibits off-site links to adult material.


All artwork and character designs © 1994-1998 Acid Junkie unless otherwise noted.  Commercial distribution and/or modification of all artwork without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.  Lyrics and poetry from various sources.