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aj-web02t.jpg (8536 bytes) AJ-WEB02.JPG  (10/30/1998)

Here's my gift to Mere... I don't usually give gifts out, since I really enjoy doing my own thing for myself most of the time ^^;;, but since she liked my character so much, I thought...why not?  Anyway, don't give me hell about the All-Seeing Eye on her right palm :).  I know it's upside-down -- I meant it to be like that.  The right-side-up one is on her left palm.  It's a creation-destruction thing, really :).   See below for the link to Mere's site.


rei1t.jpg (7868 bytes) REI1.JPG   (10/28/1998)

Woohoo! ^_^  Thank you very much Mere/Kyrn, for being the first person to send me gift art :).  Maybe I'll call it the...uhh...0 hit anniversary (since my page isnt' supposed to be up yet as of the date above) gift art :).  This is, of course, Rei from Neo Genesis Evangelion.  You can find more of Mere's work on her page, Studio Kyrn.


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