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aj-sofi01t.jpg (9107 bytes) AJ-SOFI01.JPG  (11/08/1998)

My rendition of Sofia-Roth, a concept originally created by Hell Kitty and improved upon by Naska :).  As you can see, my hands still look a little awkward (I think there's a size discrepancy, too).


aj-web01t.jpg (12051 bytes) AJ-WEB01.JPG   (10/28/1998)

Finally!   Not a piece of fan art, but an original character design.  This was originally meant to be a simple image for the opening page, but uhh...well, I suppose I got carried away a bit ^_^.  The text is an excerpt from a temple scribe's testimony in a Mesopotamian text, called the Coming of the Watchers, supposedly from 4000 B.C., dealing with the beings called the Nephilim.  I haven't decided on a name for this girl yet, but Laura is a likely choice.


aj-pba02t.jpg (7988 bytes) AJ-PBA01.JPG  (10/23/1998)

Another piece of fan art for Susan Ching's Impromanga, Point Blank Assassin.  The character depicted here is [Hy-de], a killer who was supposedly shot to death, but appears to have survived through unknown means.  He actually has two of those retractable mechanisms that hide his guns in his sleeves, even though the other one isn't showing.   The quotation is from FotN's song Phobia.


aj-sym01t.jpg (12177 bytes) AJ-SYM01.JPG  (10/09/1998)

My second Pencil/Photoshop production.  Still didn't have Streamline, but I managed to clean the lines up a little bit better than last time.  This is a poster for Aimo's Impromanga, Apollyon Symphony, an apocalyptic mecha story with biblical references.   Depicted here are two of the main characters, Wulfgang and Marisse.


aj-pba01t.jpg (9652 bytes) AJ-PBA01.JPG  (09/27/1998)

This is the first picture I ever really produced entirely in Photoshop (outlines were done on paper, of course).  I didn't have Streamline back then, so the lines are pretty messy.  It's a piece of fan art for Susan Ching's Impromanga, Point Blank Assassin, which has many John-Woo-esque elements in its storyline.



All artwork and character designs 1994-1998 Acid Junkie unless otherwise noted.  Commercial distribution and/or modification of all artwork without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.  Lyrics and poetry from various sources.