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Since November 1st, 1998, souls have passed through the Magan.

This site is link free, and is best viewed with *gasp* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.  E-mail me here, or click on the skull at the top to do so at any time.



EMERGENCY UPDATE -- click here -- Just a bunch of extraneous material for post AX2002 visitors.


New picture in the Atrocities Exhibition.

成人の部屋 (Gallery --> Atrocities) 1件追加.


New picture in the Atrocities Exhibition.

成人の部屋 (Gallery --> Atrocities) 1件追加.


いらっしゃい m(_)m! 済みません,私は日本語が下手なんです^_^;;;.

The Atrocities Exhibition is now open (though it only consists of all my old pictures at the moment).


Do not be alarmed if you see weird characters on your screen; they're just some Japanese I added ^_^.


New picture.  It's Sofia-Roth, a transgendered Sephiroth (it wasn't my idea, really!) :).  You can find it in the CG Artwork section in the Gallery.


The site is now officially open :).  Except for the miscellaneous section (which is empty because I've yet to decide what to put there) and the Atrocities (Atrocity Exhibition) section in the gallery (which is down because I'm not sure if it should exist at all), everything should be in working order.  I even reset the counter! ^_^.  So, take a look around and see what you missed the last time around.  The Rakugaki section is now alive.  Be sure to sign my guestbook below, and don't forget, you can e-mail me by clicking on the skull at the top of your screen.


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